Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Note 3 - Discontinued Operations (Details)

Note 3 - Discontinued Operations (Details) - Yield Endurance [Member] - USD ($)
$ in Millions
1 Months Ended
Aug. 20, 2018
Aug. 21, 2018
Note 3 - Discontinued Operations (Details) [Line Items]    
Guaranty Liabilities   $ 5.5
Restructuring Agreement, Terms Pursuant to the terms of the Restructuring Agreement, the parties agreed to modify the terms of the Former Agreements by (a) assigning to Madison all of the capital stock of Yield to provide for the continuation of the business of Yield as a subsidiary of Madison, (b) terminating the Guaranty Agreement by and between the Company and Prism, and (c) canceling 15,000,000 of 25,000,000 the warrants issued to Prism in connection with the NPA. On the Effective Date, the Company transferred its capital stock of Yield to Madison (the “Transfer”) and terminated the Guaranty Agreement, thus, the Company’s liability for the Senior Note, as defined below, issued pursuant to the NPA, was extinguished upon the Transfer.  
Warrants Cancelled 15,000,000